No. 10598. Waco W Aristocraft (NX34219 c/n 9850)
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Waco W Aristocraft

04/30/2011. Design of this final original design of the Waco Aircraft Corporation at Troy, Ohio started in early 1945 and it was first flown on December 31, 1946. The four-seat executive transport had a semi-retractable tricycle landing gear, and was powered by a centrally mounted 215 hp Franklin 6A8-215-B9F six-cylinder engine driving a rearmost pusher propeller.

After a year of engineering, Waco built the prototype and it was first flown on December 31, 1946. It was flown for eighteen months, during which a number of flaws were ironed out, however, after over forty flying hours the aircraft was retired in June 1947, partly dismantled and stored. It was the end of the Model W project and Waco as an aircraft manufacturer. The partly completed second aircraft (c/n 9851) was scrapped.

Waco sold the disassembled aircraft in early 1963 to Terrence O'Neill of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The aircraft was trucked to Smith Field, Fort Wayne, where it was restored, and late summer 1963 O'Neill took the Aristocraft to the air. The aircraft was flown for only a brief period as it was converted into the tail dragger Aristocraft II, with the engine mounted in the nose, in this configuration it was flown in October 1963.

Subsequently it was refitted with a tricycle landing gear and a single swept fin tail, in this configuration it was flown in October 1968, still registered N34219, but redesignated Model W Winner.

Created April 30, 2011