No. 11773. Hoffman-Younghusband Flying Wing (NX11573 cn FW-1)
Photograph by Associated Press

Hoffman-Younghusband Flying Wing

01/31/2013. Remarks from back of photograph: "New type plane flies. Here is the 'flying wing' which made a successful test flight at St. Petersburg, Florida, December 2, 1934 with J. Leslie Younghusband, its owner, at the controls. Younghusband is a Chicago Manufacturer."

This two-seat aircraft was designed and built by former Arup employee Raoul J. Hoffman of St. Petersburg, and hence it is also known as the Hoffman Flying Wing. Similar to the Arup S-2, the all-wing design was powered by an 85 hp Cirrus Mk III engine, and had a novel cockpit ventilator in the wing's leading edge that howled to warn of stalls. It was lost in 1936 when it caught fire during flight and crashed.

Created January 31, 2013