No. 12094. Piper Twin Cub (NX1334N)
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Piper Twin Cub

09/30/2013. Harold Wagner of the Wagner Aircraft Company at Troh's Skyport, Portland, Oregon, produced this strange aircraft, nicknamed "The Thing" by Wagner himself. It consisted of a 65 hp Continental C-65 powered
J-3 Cub and an 85 hp Continental C-85 powered PA-11 Cub Special fuselage mounted side-by-side using a small wing center section and central tail plane. The outer wing panels and tail planes were standard components.

The resulting aircraft looked so odd that Wagner called it "The Thing". The two fuselages were located closer to each other than on any other dual-fuselage aircraft. The combined horsepower would in theory support four passengers, but the increased wing loading prevented this. Hence only the right hand fuselage could be occupied by a pilot and passenger, the left hand one serving only the purpose of engine mounting.

The twin Cub was first flown on December 6, 1951, after 150 flying hours it was returned to standard configuration.

Created September 30, 2013