No. 12275. ANF-Mureaux 160-T
Photographed in 1932, source unknown

Saunders A.10

02/28/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "In 1932, Les Ateliers de Construction du Nord de la France et des Mureaux (also known as ANF-Mureaux) produced the prototype of the 160-T which flew in September of that year. However, at the time the aircraft was too expensive for the private market and the type was abandoned.

TYPE. Side-by-side two-seat, light tourist monoplane.
WINGS. High-wing cantilever monoplane, tapered in chord and thickness. The wing was in three sections, a center-section bolted to the fuselage and carried the legs of the undercarriage, and two outer sections. The entire trailing-edge of the outer sections was hinged, the outer portions as ailerons, the inner portions as camber-changing flaps, with slots. The structure consisted of two duralumin spars of double "T"-section, widely spaced ribs, stringers, and Duralumin sheet covering.
FUSELAGE. Rectangular metal structure, consisted of four built-up longerons, joined by metal frames. In the cabin the frames were entirely open, and were build up of "U"-sections and corner-pieces. The metal skin was riveted to these frames and to external stringers.
TAIL UNIT. Normal monoplane type. Construction similar to that of the wing.
UNDERCARRIAGE. Divided type. Each side consisted of a vertical oleo-pneumatic leg, braced to the bottom longerons by axle and radius-rod. Steerable tail-wheel. Wheel-brakes.
POWERPLANT. One 95 hp Renault 4Pb four-cylinder air-cooled in-line engine, driving a wooden propeller. Any other engine of 90-120 hp could be fitted.
ACCOMMODATION. Enclosed cabin below the wing, seating two side-by-side. Window in roof of cabin. The door could be dropped in case of emergency.

Created February 28, 2014