No. 12435. Mráz M.2 Skaut (OK-CEB c/n 1)
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Mráz M.2 Skaut

06/30/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The M.2 Skaut (Scout) was designed by Ing. Zdenik Rublic as a light sport and training aircraft and it was built by the Automobilove Zavody Mráz (the former Beneš-Mráz company). The two-seat design was based on modified Šokol wings and tail, and these were mated to an entirely new design fuselage and also a tricycle type undercarriage was installed, while the powerplant was a 75 hp Praga D engine. The sole M.2 prototype was registered OK-CEB on September 22, 1948, around the date of its first flight.

Due to political reasons development of the Skaut was soon was halted and a serial production of the Skaut was never initiated despite the promising demand. The prototype flew for a number of years with the Vrchlabském aero club and became very popular for its stability, excellent visibility and pleasant flight characteristics. In 1961 the Skaut was slightly damaged in a mishap, however, the aircraft was not allowed to be repaired and it was ordered destroyed. Subsequently it was burned, it was deregistered in 1963.

A modernized variant, aimed at the ultralight and light sports aircraft market, was introduced in 2008. Work had started in 2005 by a group lead by Petr Kubícek and formed from students of the Aerospace Engineering University of Brno. The M-2 Scout was externally very similar to the original, but had lower weights and engine was an 100 hp Rotax 912ULS. In 2008 Kubícek Aircraft Spol s.r.o. was formed to produce and market the modernized M-2 and the prototype (a ULM version) was first flown on 7 May 2009."

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