No. 12438. Monocoupe Monoprep (NC8927 c/n 6021)
Photographed at Detroit City Airport, Michigan, USA, by Lyle R. Hincks

Monocoupe Monoprep

06/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The first Monoprep appeared in 1927, designed by Clayton Folkerts and Donald Luscombe of the Central States Aircraft Co. (reorganized as Mono Aircraft Co. in 1928, as Monocoupe Corp. in 1931). The side-by-side two-seat open-cabin high-wing model, certified under the ATC 2-90, was powered by a 62 hp Velie M-5 five-cylinder air-cooled radial engine. Only eight were built. The second Monoprep appeared in 1929, built by Mono. Powered by a 55 hp Velie M-5 radial, this version (ATC 218, 2-128) had a shorter-span wing that gave increased speed. Some sixty aircraft of this version were built. The sole surviving example of the Monoprep is a Monoprep 218, c/n 6077 (ex NC119K, now NC179K) is on display at the Airpower Museum, Ottumwa, Iowa.

Created June 30, 2014