No. 12782. Maule M-5-235C Lunar Rocket (N6261M c/n 7210C)
Photographed at Tracy, California, USA, 1988, by Dan Shumaker

Maule M-5-235C Lunar Rocket

04/30/2015. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg and Johan Visschedijk: "Built in 1978 and previously owned by R.W. Elmer of Cove, Oregon, Dan Shumaker bought N6261M with 735 hours total time on July 24, 1988. On December 12, 1988, Dan had it reregistered N71DE. The aircraft was sold to Marv Graves of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on August 31, 2001, and subsequently registered C-GJQI. On December 10, 2004, the aircraft was reregistered to Carl Dunaway and since it has been repainted and fitted with floats, as seen in this photo taken at Pitt Meadows Regional Airport, British Columbia, on May 24, 2013.

The four-seat sport/utility M-5 of the Maule Aircraft Corporation (from 1984 as Maule Air, Inc) was a progressive development of the Maule M-4, from which it mainly differed in having better STOL performance. It featured larger wing flaps, extra fuel in some models, drooped wingtips and a redesigned and larger swept vertical tail and unusual for the class of aircraft, also had four cabin doors. The M-5 followed the M-4 on the production line and two prototypes were built: the M-5-220C (first flown November 1, 1971) and the M-5-210C (first flown October 16, 1973). Aircraft with the C suffix in the model designation featured a cargo door in the rear fuselage. The M-5 was later developed into the M-6 to M-9 series.

M-5-180C: Lowest powered in the M-5 series. It was the first production model, which had an 180 hp Lycoming O-360-C1F engine. Prototype was registered N6262M and 94 were built (c/n 8001C to 8094C)
M-5-200: Powered by a 200 hp Lycoming IO-360 engine, this variant did not enter production, the sole prototype was registered N5643T (c/n A8015C).
M-5-210C Strata Rocket: The M-5-180 fitted with a more powerful 210 hp Continental IO-360-A or IO-360-C1F engine. The prototype was N51449 and 206 aircraft were built (c/n 6001C to 6206C).
M-5-210TC Lunar Rocket: Based on the M-5210C, but with a turbo-supercharged 210 hp Continental TIO-360 engine. The prototype was N56294, only ten were built (c/n 9001C to 9010C).
M-5-220C Lunar Rocket: As the previous models, but with a 220 hp Franklin 6A-350-C1 engine, 57 were built (c/n 5001C to 5057C).
M-5-235C Lunar Rocket: Similar to the M-5-210 variants, but with the more powerful 235 hp Lycoming O-540-J1A5D or O-540-W1A5D engine, 379 built (c/n 7001C to 7379C).
Patroller: This name was sometimes used for M-5-210 or M-5-235 aircraft fitted with larger cabin windows and these aircraft were mainly used by police and semi-military operators."

Created April 30, 2015