No. 12871. General Aircraft G.A.L. 33 Cagnet (T46)
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General Aircraft G.A.L. 33 Cagnet

09/30/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "General Aircraft built a single example of the G.A.L. 33 Cagnet. The Cagnet was a two-seat side-by-side trainer with a tricycle undercarriage, a 50 hp Aero Engines Pixie engine in a pusher installation, and twin tailbooms with twin fins. Carrying the test markings T46, the aircraft was first flown in 1939.

General Aircraft proposed the Cagnet as a basic trainer, however, in February 1940 it went to the Royal Army and allotted the serial W7646, it was tested for four months as a Flying Observation Post trainer at D Flight, No. 1 School of Army Cooperation. Subsequently it was used for other test, making its last flight in 1941."

Created September 30, 2015