No. 12876. Tiffany Sport
Photographed at Mitchel Field, Long Island, New York, USA, October 8-13, 1925, source unknown

Tiffany Sport

12/15/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The one-of-a-kind single-seat Tiffany Sport was designed and built by Sarter Tiffany in 1924 and was powered by a converted 18.5 hp Harley Davidson motorcycle engine. With race number '22', Tiffany entered his aircraft in the Sixth Pulitzer Trophy Race held at Mitchel Field, where the aircraft was pictured. Being underpowered and having a short span, the aircraft needed a long takeoff run. The aircraft took off but experienced a loss of engine power and Tiffany landed it at the adjacent golf course of the Salisbury Country Club."

Created December 15, 2015