No. 2606. Piaggio P.149D
Photographed at Marianna, Florida, USA, by Ed Shumaker

Piaggio P.149D

05/26/2003. Remarks by Dave Simpson: "In late 1952 Piaggio of Italy began to build the P.149 four-seat aircraft which was an upgrade of their earlier succesfull P.148 two-seat taildragger trainer, 100 were build for the Italian AF. The main buyer was the German AF who bought the P.149D version as a two-seat basic trainer and four-seat liaison aircraft. The prototype flew June 19, 1953 powered by an Avco Lycoming GO-435 of 260 hp. The Piaggio company built 72 aircraft, the first was delivered in May 1957. An additional 190 were built under licence in Germany by Focke-Wulf as FWP-149D, the first example was delivered in November 1957.

Your picture is either a P.149-D or a FWP-149D, and unless you look at the manufacturer's placard on the firewall there is really no way to tell them apart."

Created May 25, 2003