No. 2706. Curtiss 87A-2 Kittyhawk Mk.I (N94466 c/n 18643)
Photographed at Tracy, California, USA, 1969

Curtiss 87A-2 Kittyhawk Mk.I

03/31/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Produced under the RAF s/n AK899 in late 1941, this aircraft was one of aproximately 72 aircraft that were diverted to the RCAF. It served under the RCAF s/n 1051 from November 6, 1941 till August 23, 1946. Subsequently it was sold and after changing hands several times it was registered in the USA as N94466 in December 1966. It was restored at Livermore, California, in 1970. Presently it is preserved in flying condition at the Warhawk Air Museum, Boise, Idaho."

Read the type remarks on page 334.

Created June 13, 2003