No. 3791. Vultee V-11 (NX14999 c/n 28)
Photograph from Vultee, taken 17/18 September, 1935, by William S. Catherall

 Vultee V-11

08/31/2006. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This aircraft made its first flight on September 17, 1935. The aircraft was destroyed in a crash on the next day."

11/20/2004. Remarks by Dave Simpson: "This is the prototype of the 3-seat attack bomber that was briefly tested by the USAAC. This airframe was built in 1935 and was based upon the Model V-1A monoplane 8-seat commercial transport. Although this type of aircraft was not used by the USAAC, there were some 100 used by Brazil, China, Turkey and the Soviet Union who bought the Model V-11 with a 750 hp Wright engine and the very similar Model V-12 with 1050 hp engine. A later Model V-11G built in 1938 and two were tested as YA-19 attack bombers (38-549 and 38-555)."

Created November 15, 2004