No. 7147. Percival P.10 Vega Gull (CF-BAR c/n K.35) "Wakefield of Hythe"
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 1491

Percival P.10 Vega Gull

08/31/2017. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "Lord Charles Wakefield, a business entrepreneur (founder of Castrol) and a philanthropist of Hythe, Kent, UK, donated this aircraft to the Toronto Flying Club of Toronto, Canada. During the opening ceremony of the Annual Motor Show in Toronto on November 7, 1936, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the Hon. Dr. Herbert Bruce, accepted the Vega Gull on behalf of the Club from Mr. H.H. Ferguson, Canadian representative of Lord Wakefield. It was duly christened Wakefield of Hythe by Mrs. Bruce and on January 12, 1937 the aircraft was registered as CF-BAR. At the time it was claimed the Vega Gull was the fastest single-engine aircraft in Canada. It was damaged beyond repair in a forced landing due to engine failure on takeoff from Toronto on September 24, 1939."

Created November 30, 2007