No. 7559. Hatz CB-1 (N33035 c/n 409) "Cloud Dancer"
Photographed at Clearlake, California, USA, 2007, by Steve Fulkerson

Hatz CB-1

09/30/2012. This CB-1 was built by Irving Siewert and it received its CofA on August 9, 1990, and is configured as a single-seat (front seat covered) amphibious float plane. On October 4, 2004 it was registered to John Proctor of Roseburg, Oregon, who marked the tail fin with "JP's Flying Service, Glide, Oregon".

While flying from Glide to Detroit Lake (108 mls, 174 km to the north), Proctor halfway encountered deteriorating weather and made a precautinairy landing at the McKenzie River near Springfield, Oregon. Upon landing he hit a submerged unidentified object and the aircraft flipped over (site files), Proctor escaped injuries.

During the recovery from the river all four wings were heavily damaged. The wrecked aircraft was purchased by Scott M. DeMeyer and his neighbor Jaffe B. Letourneau of Olympia, Washington, in January 2012. Since the aircraft has been restored, DeMeyer rebuilt the wings including making and installing new wing ribs. The restored aircraft was flown again a week ago, on September 23, shown here (site files) during a preflight engine run at Hoskins Field in Olympia, where the aircraft is based.

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