No. 9127. Buckley LC-4 Witchcraft (499W)
Photograph from Stephen J. Hudek collection

Buckley LC-4 Witchcraft

07/31/2009. Buckley Aircraft Company was formed by Roy B. Buckley in late 1929 at Wichita, Kansas, USA, and it produced only two aircraft that were designed by well-known William B. Stout: the FC-1 of 1929 and the LC-4 of 1930. The company folded under the Depression in 1931, the original building is now part of the Hawker-Beech company.

The four-seat all-metal LC-4, powered by a 300 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior radial engine, was designed as an aerial taxi, and the Yellow Air Cab Company signed a contract for 200 aircraft. The aircraft received its ATC (Approved Type Certificate) number 2-359 on June 13, 1931, however, NC499W was the sole example produced, and was sold to Northrop.

Created July 31, 2009