No. 9141. Dayton-Wright SWD-1 (A-6596) US Navy
Photograph from Reid Photo Studio

Dayton-Wright SWD-1

07/31/2009. Donald Douglas designed a torpedo-carrying seaplane for the USN in early 1921, and on April 14, the Davis-Douglas Airplane Company received its first production and military contract ( No. 53305) for three examples, designated DT-1 (BuNo. A-6031 to A-6033, c/n 101 to 103). For the first flight by Eric Springer from Goodyear in early November 1921, the aircraft was fitted with an undercarriage.

Following successful tests of the first aircraft, the second and third aircraft were completed as two-seat aircraft, designated DT-2. Eventually 75 more DT-2s were ordered to be produced by: Douglas 38 (A-6405 to A-6422, A-6563 to A-6582), Dayton-Wright 11 (A-6085 to A-6095), the Naval Aircraft Factory 6 (A-6423 to A-6428), and Lowe-Willard-Fowler 20 (A-6583 to A-6602).

From the Lowe-Willard-Fowler batch, three aircraft (A-6593, A-6596, A-6597) were modified by Dayton-Wright as SDW-1s long-range scout floatplanes. Devoid of torpedo racks, they received additional fuel tanks under the center and forward fuselage.

Created July 31, 2009