No. 10196. Junkers J 10 CL.I (1803)
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 2011

Junkers J 10 CL.I

11/30/2010. The ultimate wartime development of the line of Junkers monoplanes, the J 10 was an improved derivative of the J 8 intended for offensive patrol and close air support roles. Powered by a Mercedes D III engine of 160 hp and armed with two fixed LMG 08/15 machine guns and a Parabellum in the rear cockpit, the Cl.I was the subject of an order placed with the Junkers-Fokker Werke AG in March 1918 for 10 pre-series aircraft. Subsequent contracts raised the total ordered to 63 machines, of which 44 were delivered through March 1919. Together with the D.I, the Cl.I was used by the Geschwader Sachsenberg during the post-WW I fighting against Bolshevik forces in the Baltic. View also photo 4832.

Created November 30, 2010