No. 11916. Nieuport 24 C.1 (N3760) French Air Force
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Nieuport 24 C.1

05/15/2013. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The fact that 'N.24' was marked on the lower ends of the interplane struts does not necessarily mean that this aircraft, N3760, should be regarded as a true Nieuport 24. It had the faired fuselage and all-wood tail unit of the type, but it also had the articulated axle in the undercarriage and the sprung tailskid of the Nieuport 27.

More particularly, it had an engine cowling of unusually deep chord encircling an unidentified engine of unknown output. The Vickers gun was on the port upper longeron, and the central struts supporting the upper mainplane were two inverted V's. Despite all these refinements and novelties, however, this Nieuport still had straight edged ailerons, as on the Nieuport 17bis.

This last detail might indicate that N3760 existed before the introduction of the more rounded ailerons used on the Nieuport 24, 24bis, 25 and 27; that is, earlier than May 1917."

Created May 15, 2013