No. 8718. Airco D.H.9 (D5656) Royal Flying Corps
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 715

Airco D.H.9

09/30/2016. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "During WW I, a large number of aircraft were produced, financed by public donations from individuals, companies, organizations and communities. To present the donation, the donor name was painted on the fuselage of an aircraft, hence these aircraft were called 'presentation aircraft'. The presentation inscription on the engine cowling of D5656 reads: 'Royal Marines Plymouth'.

This D.H.9 was produced in a batch of 300 aircraft (s/n D5551 to D5850) ordered by the Air Ministry for the RFC from Waring & Gillow, London, on July 19, 1917 under Contract No. AS 20391, and was built in Spring 1918. By June 15 it was at No. 2 Aircraft Acceptance Park at Hendon and on June 19 Lieutenant J. Aitken flew D5656 to No. 49 Squadron at Fourneuil, near Beauvais, France, but crashed upon landing. It was transported to 1 Aircraft Supply Depot at Saint-Omer, where it was struck off charge as beyond economical repair on July 13, 1918."

Created March 31, 2009