No. 9085. Naval Aircraft Factory N-1 US Navy
Photograph from USN
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 2308

Naval Aircraft Factory N-1

06/30/2009. On January 24, 1918, the NAF received specifications and blueprints drawn up by the Bureau of Construction and Repair of the Navy for the Davis Gun Carrier. Initially three aircraft were ordered, BuNo. A-2282 to
A-2284, however, the third was cancelled. Later designated N-1, this was the first airplane designed and built by the Navy for the attack role fitted with an 1.46 in (37 mm) Davis cannon in the nose.

The two-seat aircraft was powered by a 330 hp Liberty pusher engine, and the first aircraft was finished on May 22, 1918. Damaged in an accident before taking to the air, it was the second aircraft that was first flown on July 27, 1918. While two more were produced, BuNo. A-4341 and A-4342, another ten, BuNo. A-5030 to A-5039, were cancelled.

Created June 30, 2009