No. 10438. Miles M.75 Aries Srs.1 (G-AOGA c/n 75/1007)
Photographed at Biggin Hill, UK, ca. 1966, by Ron Smith

Miles M.75 Aries Srs.1

01/31/2011. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "F.G. Miles Ltd. was set up by Frederick Miles at Redhill Aerodrome, Redhill, Surrey, on December 4, 1948, following the demise of Miles Aircraft Ltd. at Woodley Aerodrome, Reading, Berkshire, and the company being taken over by Handley Page Ltd.

Initially the Redhill activity was limited to service and repair, and the completion of the three M.65 Gemini aircraft purchased from Woodley. One of the Gemini aircraft, G-AMBH c/n 65/1001, was erected at Redhill as a Gemini 1A, fitted with two 100 hp Cirrus Minor 2 four-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line engine, with the other airframes being constructed as the ultimate Gemini development, the Miles M.75 Aries.

The structure was strengthened to meet the improved performance imparted by two 155 hp Cirrus Major 3 engines, and redesigned tail surfaces were fitted to increase directional stability during single engine flying. The prototype Aries, c/n 75/1002, carried the 'Class B' registration G-35-1 when it first flew at Redhill on March 21, 1951, the registration was altered in G-AMDJ on June 13, 1952.

In May-June 1954 the aircraft flown to Australia by aircraft broker and dealer Arthur Schutt, accompanied by Anthony Vigano, a Melbourne restaurant owner who had purchased the prototype. It was registered in Australia as VH-FAV in March 1955. Grounded at Bankstown in 1962 due to restrictions issued by the DCA to glued wooden jointed machines such as the Aries, VH-FAV ended its days as a Penfolds Winery billboard mounted on poles in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

The Aries attracted but one order, from the well-known Pasolds Ltd. of Langley, Buckinghamshire. Designated M.75 Aries Srs.1, it was registered as G-AOGA on November 9, 1955. On April 11, 1960, it was registered to Vigors Aviation at Oxford Airport. The next owner, John Kenny, lived in Ireland and had it registered to him as G-AOGA on May 6, 1960, as EI-ANB on May 18, 1963, and again as G-AOGA on September 10, 1963. Subsequently it was registered to other owners on August 20, 1965 and October 28, 1968.

The last owner was Russell Winn of Cork, Ireland, who had it registered as G-AOGA on February 26, 1969, reportedly the aircraft was damaged on August 8, 1969. The registration was cancelled on May 30, 1984, after Russell Winn was killed in a crash, flying an M.65 Gemini Srs.3C (G-ALZG c/n HPR/141). G-AOGA was donated to the Irish Aviation Museum at Dublin."

Created January 31, 2011