No. 10585. Taylorcraft Plus D (G-AHXE c/n 171)
Photographed at Popham, UK, by Ron Smith

Taylorcraft Plus D

04/30/2011. Ordered in 1941 as a Model Plus C this aircraft was designated by the RAF as an Auster Mk.I, it received the pictured serial LB312. It came on the civil registry on July 9, 1946, when it was reregistered to its seventh civil owner on July 11, 1958, it had been converted to a Model Plus D, fitted with a Cirrus Minor four-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line engine.

The present and thirteenth civil owner acquired the aircraft on December 14, 1976, and has owned it longer than all thirteen previous owners (including the RAF) together. It is a regular show visitor, including the Popham Auster Club fly-in where it was pictured.

Created April 30, 2011