No. 10587. Chrislea CH3 Srs. 2 Super Ace (G-AKVF c/n 114)
Photographed at Bourne Park Airstrip, UK, by Ron Smith

Chrislea CH3 Srs. 2 Super Ace

04/30/2011. The registration for this aircraft (G-AKVF) was issued on March 8, 1948. It was deregistered on July 28, 1950 as it was sold to Lahore Ferozepur Transport Company, Lahore, Pakistan, where it was registered AP-ADT. The aircraft had returned to the UK by August 24, 1957, its registration in Pakistan was cancelled September 6, 1959, and it reappeared on the British register (again as G-AKVF) on November 20, 1959. The aircraft was recently (February 14, 2011) registered to its fifteenth owner. View also photo 10586.

Created April 30, 2011