No. 10712. Shield Xyla (G-AWPN c/n 2)
Photographed at Leicester Airfield, Leicestershire, UK, July 8, 1979, by Ron Smith

Shield Xyla

07/31/2011. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "George William Shield of Conisbrough, Yorkshire, UK, was Headmaster of the Grammar School at nearby Mexborough, where this large wooden single-seater was built as a school project. The Xyla (Greek for wood) was registered as G-AWPN on September 13, 1968 whereafter construction was started. Finished in an overall black paint scheme and powered by a converted GPU (ground power unit) engine the aircraft made its first flight at Helmswell on October 30, 1971.

Early test flights indicated that the aircraft performed satisfactorily at low levels, but that some modification to the areas of the vertical and horizontal tail surfaces might improve overall handling and performance. Hence, to prevent leakage of air, the tail-surface hinge lines were sealed with fabric; the fin was relocated at an angle of 4 to port; and a three-blade wooden propeller replaced the original two-blade one.

Shield sold the aircraft seven years after the first flight and it was seven times reregistered:

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