No. 11266. Abbott Baynes Scud III (G-ALJR c/n BGA 283)
Photographed by Ron Smith

Abbott Baynes Scud III

03/31/2012. Excerpted from British Built Aircraft by Ron Smith: "The Abbott-Baynes Sailplanes Ltd. was formed in 1931 as a subsidiary of E.D. Abbott Ltd, coachbuilders, of Farnham/Wrecclesham. The attractive Scud was designed by L.E. Baynes, and built at Farnham. A total of twelve Scud I and one Scud II were built.

The Scud III Auxiliary powered glider - one of the first with a fold-up engine - was built to the order of Sir John Carden, and led to the formation of Carden-Baynes Aircraft Ltd. at Heston. The Scud III Auxiliary was first flown at Woodley on August 8, 1935 and was later registered G-ALJR. Power was provided by a 249 cc Villiers one-cylinder motorcycle engine driving a pusher propeller, the whole assembly being mounted on a folding pylon that allowed engine and propeller to be retracted for soaring flight.

In mid-1935, the company was advertising: 'Carden-Baynes Auxiliaries - Scud Sailplanes - Pous. Parts and materials. Abbott-Baynes Aircraft (Branch of E.D. Abbott Ltd), Farnham, Surrey'.

Created March 31, 2012