No. 11271. Vecto Geronimo (YV-T-JTZ c/n 23-1378)
Photographed at Atkinson Field, Georgetown, Guyana, ca. 1977, by Ron Smith

Vecto Geronimo

03/31/2012. Basically a much upgraded and higher performance Piper PA-23 Apache, this conversion project started by the Vecto Aircraft Engineering Division of Vecto Instrument Corp. at San Antonio, Texas, USA, and a prototype was flown 1964. Upon the death of the owner in 1965, the company was renamed as Geronimo Conversions Corp. During the late-1960s the company was again re-named, now as Seguin Aviation, Inc., relocated at Seguin, Texas, and all rights were in 1993 acquired by Southwest Aero-Mods and in 1996 by Diamond Aire, a company located in Montana.

Early conversions had two 170 hp Lycoming O-340 engines, but the standard engine soon became the 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1D. Other modifications included new engine-cowlings, a longer glass fiber Apache style nose, new wingtips of the so called Hoerner type, a large dorsal fairing, a new one-piece windscreen, larger fuel tanks and a squared top of the vertical tail. Of the 2,046 PA-23s produced, reportedly up to 300 such conversions were completed, in the registers these aircraft usually retained the PA-23 designation.

Created March 31, 2012