No. 11610. Frederick-Ames EOS (N10AE c/n 0001)
Photographed at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, ca. 1980, by Ron Smith

Frederick-Ames EOS

10/31/2012. Fred Smith, president of Frederick-Ames Research Corporation at Novi, Michigan, USA, designed a small single-seat sporting aircraft called the EOS (after the Greek goddess of the dawn), which first appeared in an incomplete form at the 1973 EAA Fly-in at Oshkosh. After the meeting the EOS was completed; but on its maiden flight on April 25, 1974, the 55 hp Hirth 650 cc engine seized and the aircraft crash landed, causing extensive damage. Although some restoration work was carried out, the aircraft was subsequently abandoned through lack of finance.

In early 1978 the project was revived, with a modified Volkswagen motor car engine in place of the original engine. First flight of the reworked aircraft was in mid-1978, piloted by Robert Bishop. By August 1978 the EOS had completed about ten flying hours, and further modifications to the aircraft had been made. Airmotive Engineers is also referred to the design of the EOS, however, they did the marketing. Eventually the release of plans and/or kits was never realized, and the prototype remains the only example ever built.

TYPE. Single-seat light sporting aircraft.
WINGS. Cantilever tapered low-wing monoplane. Wing section NACA 651212. Light alloy all-metal structure, except for glass fiber wing fillets, pop riveted and epoxy resin bonded.
FUSELAGE. Conventional light alloy semi-monocoque structure, pop riveted and epoxy resin bonded. Glass fiber engine cowling.
TAIL UNIT. Cantilever light alloy structure, comprising triangular fin, integral with rear fuselage, rudder, and all-moving tailplane with projecting balance arms at roots. Tailplane actuated via servo tabs.
LANDING GEAR. Manually-retractable tricycle type. Main units retract inwards. Fully-castoring and steerable nosewheel. Rubber-in-compression shock-absorption. Disc brakes.
POWER PLANT. One 70 hp 1,834 cc Volkswagen modified motor car engine, driving through a 7 in (178 mm) extension shaft a 4 ft 2 in (1.27 m) diameter Rand Robinson three-blade ground-adjustable propeller, with Mooney 201 spinner. Fuel capacity 15 gal (56.75 l).
ACCOMMODATION. Single glass fiber seat under large transparent canopy.
SYSTEM. Electrical system includes 45A alternator and starter.

Created October 31, 2012