No. 12222. Marganski MDM-1 Fox (G-CFOX c/n 224)
Photographed by Ron Smith

Marganski MDM-1 Fox

12/31/2013. The Polish composite mid-wing two-seat aerobatic glider MDM-1 Fox was designed by Edward Marganski, design work was started in November 1992 and the first prototype was flown on July 9, 1993. The same year the prototype was first displayed at the World Glider Aerobatic Championships in Venlo, the Netherlands, flown by Jerzy Makula it won the championship. The aircraft is fully aerobatic and flown solo it has G limits of +9.0/-6.0 and with an instructor +7.0/-5.0. Production was halted in 2005 after 36 had been built, however, since 2011 it is back in production.

The pictured aircraft was built in 1998, it came on the British Gliding Association (BGA) registry as BGA 4566, and with the unique BGA identification trigraph JKC it was operated by the Royal Air Force Gliding and Soaring Association (RAFGSA). On September 26, 2007 it was registered to the Fox Glider Syndicate on the British Civil Registry as G-CFOX, and still is as of this day.

Created December 31, 2013