No. 12227. Tiger Cub Developments RL5S LW Sherwood Ranger (G-GKFC c/n PFA 237-12947)
Photographed at Henstridge, UK, by Ron Smith

Tiger Cub Developments RL5A LW Sherwood Ranger

12/31/2013. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The Sherwood Ranger two-seat (micro) light biplane was an original design of Russ Light and a prototype first flew in 1992, after development had started in the mid-1980s. The type became available for amateur construction and was initially marketed as a kit by a company named TCD (Tiger Club Development), but only few aircraft were completed during the early years. In the design, emphasis was on easy construction and although the Sherwood Ranger was stressed to +9g and -4g, the type was not officially approved for aerobatics. In 2007 all rights were acquired by TLAC (The Light Aircraft Company Ltd).

The Sherwood Ranger could accept a variety of engines such as the 70 hp BMW R100, 65p Rotax 582, 80 hp Rotax 912, 80-85 hp Jabiru 2200 and several Hirth types. The mixed construction Sherwood Ranger (aluminium fuselage, wood/aluminium wings, fabric covering) was available in several variants. Model LW was the original version and was approved in the UK for a MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight) of 860 lb (390 kg). The Model ST offered an increased MTOW of 992 lb (450 kg) and the Model XP had a decreased wingspan. Lanitz Aviation in Leipzig, Germany offered the Sherwood Ranger as a kit or ready-to-fly aircraft with a 95 hp ULPower UL261i engine.

The pictured aircraft was built by Kevin Fredrick Crumplin of Croscombe, Wells, Somerset, UK, who had it registered G-MYZI on January 17, 1996. However, before it was finished Crumplin reregistered it more appropriate as G-GKFG on November 24, 1998; the aircraft fist flew the following year, 'KF' being the builder's initials."

Created December 31, 2013