No. 12574. Dart Kitten II (G-AEXT c/n 123)
Photographed at Cranfield, UK, by Ron Smith

Dart Kitten II

09/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Kitten II was developed from the Kitten I. The latter was designed by A.R. Weyl and built by Dart Aircraft Ltd. at Dunstable, UK, in 1936. The single-seat ultra-light was powered by a 27 hp Ava 4a-00 flat four two-stroke engine. Only one Kitten I (c/n 121) was built and registered G-AERP it was first flown on January 15, 1937. It was sold to Dr. H.N. Bradbrooke at Witney in August 1937, only a month later it was sold to E.C. Peacock of Tollerton. During WW II it was stored at Rearsby, in 1949 it was sold to W.S. Ogilivie of Broxbourne, had it re-engined with a 36 hp Aeronca-J.A.P. J-99. It was destroyed in a fatal crash at Broxbourne on November 23, 1952.

The Kitten II was also fitted with a 36 hp Aeronca-J.A.P. J-99, had a revised decking and simplified undercarriage. Again only one aircraft was built (c/n 123) which first flew in April 1937, registered as G-AEXT. It was sold to W.B. Shaw of Ipswich in November 1937 and presently it is registered to its fourteenth owner, Robert Fleming of Stainburn.

A single Kitten III, identical to the Kitten II but with wheel brakes, was built in 1951. This aircraft (c/n 131) was registered as G-AMJP on May 25, 1952, and on the following December 29 it was registered to the Royal Aero Club Aviation Centre in London. Subsequently it was owned by another five owners before it was lost in a non-fatal crash at Hillingdon, Norfolk, UK, on June 5, 1966."

Created September 30, 2014