No. 12577. Gulfstream American 690C Commander Jetprop 840 (N840PN c/n 11679)
Photographed at Henstridge, UK, by Ron Smith

Gulfstream American 690C Commander Jetprop 840

09/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Developed from the Model 690B Commander by Rockwell as the Model 690C, the prototype (N81400 c/n 11600) was first flown on May 17, 1979. The Model 690C had an entirely new wet wing of increased span, fitted with tiny winglets. The Model 690C lacked the dorsal fairing of the Model 690B and was powered by two 840 shp TPE331-5-254K turbine engines. Rockwell marketed the type as the Jetprop Commander 840. In February 1981, Rockwell sold the type certificate to the Gulfstream American Corporation, which marketed it as the Commander Jetprop 840. In all, 135 Model 690Cs were produced.

The pictured aircraft was built in 1981 by Gulfstream American and over the years had several owners and several registrations: N5913K, N5931K, N840VB, N5931K, ZS-SLL and the present N840PN."

Created September 30, 2014