No. 12792. Cerva CE-43 Guepard (456 c/n 456) French Air Force
Photographed June 9, 2014, by Ron Smith

Cerva CE-43 Guepard

04/30/2015. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The Société Wassmer SA and Société Siren SA companies formed CERVA (Consortium Européene de Réalisation et de Ventes d'Avions) to develop what was basically an all-metal variant of the Wassmer WA.4/21. Three prototypes were built (including one for static tests) and the first flight took place on May 18, 1971. The major customer for the CE-43 was the French Government (CEV-Centre d`Essais en Vol and the SFA-Service de la Formation Aéronautique). Final production took place at the Wassmer plant.

CE-43 Guépard: The production model which, like the prototypes, had a Lycoming 250 hp IO-540-C4B5 engine and a two-bladed propeller. The CE-43 was ordered for the Armée de l`Air as trainer (eighteen aircraft) and Aéronavale was also an operator. Total built, including prototypes: 44 (c/n 431-474).
CE-44 Cougar: Similar to the CE-43, but with a 285 hp Continental Tiara 6-285P with a three-bladed propeller. One prototype was built as new aircraft (first flown on October 24, 1974) and one CE-44 was modified from a CE-43. The CE-44 model did not enter production and the modified CE-43 was later returned to its original status. The CE-44 had a slightly longer nose than the CE-43.
CE-45 Léopard: One prototype aircraft modified from a CE-43 and first flown towards the end of 1975. This aircraft had a 310 hp Lycoming TIO-540 engine, but further development of this model was halted. The aircraft was later reconverted to CE-43 standards."

Created April 30, 2015