No. 12794. Davis DA-2A (G-BPFL c/n 051)
Photographed December 8, 2012. by Ron Smith

Davis DA-2A

04/30/2015. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "Leeon Davis was very active designer/builder, all his designs (DA-1 to DA-11) were characterized by a V-tail. The DA-1 was the only high wing design, all subsequent models were low wing designs.

The all-metal two-seat DA-2 sport aircraft was popular among homebuilders and several dozens of these aircraft were built in USA, but also in the UK and Australia. The DA-2 was initially available (in plans form) from the designer, but the marketing rights were later taken over by GFG Enterprises (1983) and then in 1986 by D2 Planes, Inc.

DA-2A: The basic model for engines in the 65-100 hp range. The first DA-2 was built by the designer with a 65 hp Continental A65, but it was later re-engined with an 100 hp Continental O-200-A. This first aircraft made the first flight on May 21, 1966. At least one DA-2A was powered by a (modified) GFM Corvair car engine.
DA-2B: Refined and lighter version for engines in the 100-125 hp range. It had a less deep fuselage and a generally better performance.
DA-2A Bandit: One much modified DA-2A, built in USA by Raymond Sample. This aircraft had new airfoil wings, wing tanks, a much larger cabin, extra cabin windows and second entry door. It was powered by an 125 hp Lycoming O-290-G engine and first flew in 1995.
DA-2C (DA-4): The DA-2C designation was used for the aircraft of Brent Hughes. It was started as the DA-4 prototype (the DA-4 was a planned improved factory-produced DA-2 development), but when Davis halted work on this prototype it was acquired by Brent Hughes. The DA-2C was powered by a 75 hp Continental A75 and first flew in 1982.
Devious DS-1: One aircraft built in USA by John Storch. It differed from the standard DA-2A in several aspects and featured detachable outer wing sections, wingtip extensions, longer V-tail surfaces and a modified windscreen. It was first flown around 1985.
Production: estimated 45-60 worldwide.

The pictured G-BPFL was built in the USA in 1973 by A. Tribling and initially registered as N72RJ. It is powered by an 100 hp Continental O-200-A engine. Since its arrival in the UK in 1988 the aircraft had three successive owners. On October 27, 1988 it was registered to Christopher Lightfoot of Thirsk, on October 24, 1994 to Bevis Griffiths of Perth, and on August 23, 2011 to its present owner Peter Barker of Huddersfiled."

Created April 30, 2015