No. 12867. Pazmany PL-4A (G-BMMI c/n PFA 017-10149)
Photographed by Ron Smith

Pazmany PL-4A

09/30/2015. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg and Johan Visschedijk: "The single-seat sport aircraft PL-4 was again an original design homebuilt of Ladislao Pazmany and the type became available for amateur construction via Pazmany Aircraft Corporation, San Diego, California, USA.

PL-4: Designation for the prototype which had a modified 65 hp VW 1600 motor car engine with Becar V-belt reduction gear, developing approximately 50 hp and driving a two-blade fixed-pitch wooden propeller of Pazmany design, manufactured by Ted Hendricksen. This aircraft was built by the designer and it first flew on July 9, 1972. Pazmany also built two preproduction aircraft which were used to evaluate different powerplant installations, including the 60-65 hp Limbach SL1700 and 65 hp Continental A65.
PL-4A: The version offered for amateur construction and homebuilt examples were built in several countries with engines in the 50-90hp range. One PL-4A was completed in Argentina by ENET 1 (Escuela Nacional de Educacio Tecnica No.1) of the Argentinean Air Force and first flew in 1986.
PL-4-85: Designation for one aircraft in Canada, built by Robert Lee Miller of Galgary, Alberta, in 1977. Registered C-GXQQ on December 9, 1977, this aircraft had likely an 85 hp (Continental C85?) engine.
Production: estimated 30+ worldwide.

The pictured aircraft was built in the UK by Maurice Lucien Martin of Caterham, it was registered as G-BMMI on February 6, 1986. It was sold to Michael Keith of Shrewsbury (January 7, 1992), subsequently it was registered to an unknown owner (July 2, 2001) while it was registered to its present owner Peter Morgans of Milford Haven on August 23, 2002."

Created September 30, 2015