No. 1671. CANSA C.5 (I-ACGO, et al)
Photographed at CANSA Factory, Cameri, Italy, 1941


30/11/2007. Remarks by Carlo Soliani: "One/two seater basic trainer, in limited service with Regia Aeronautica and Aero Club of Italy (at that time called RUNA) in the period 1941-1943. Basically this aircraft was an updated version of a famous fighter of WW I, the french Hanriot HD-1, re-designed for basic training.

The photo shows a line-up of 18 brand-new C.5s before the delivery. A total of 62 were produced. They are equipped with air cooled radial engines Fiat A.50, but also in-line, air cooled engines were used.

More or less, all aircraft designed by CANSA were not successful, neverthless the Company continued with aircraft repairs (for example all Luftwaffe Ju.87 in operation in Italy were repaired by CANSA) until the end of WW II. Then the Company changed its area of interest, producing trolley buses and the aeronautical sector was sadly abandoned."

Created July 21, 2002