No. 1762. Nardi FN.305 (c/n 766)
Photographed at Gardolo, Trento, Italy, August 1985, by Carlo Soliani

Nardi FN.305

30/11/2007. Remarks by Carlo Soliani: "Powered by an 190 hp Alfa Romeo 115-1 air-cooled six-cylinder inverted in-line piston engine, this advanced tandem two-seat trainer was delivered to the Italian AF with s/n MM52757. Struck off charge in the fifties it was transferred to the Trento Aero Club as a leisure aircraft, registered as I-DASM. From the early sixties it was on exhibit in a gas service station at Gardolo in the outskirts of Trento. Fully restored it is currently displayed in the Italian Air Force Museum at Vigna di Valle, near Rome."

Created September 7, 2002