No. 2885. Convair 36 GRB-36F Peacemaker (49-2707 c/n 143) US Air Force
                 Republic AP-23 F-84E Thunderjet (49-2115) US Air Force
Photograph from General Dynamics

Convair 36 GRB-36F Peacemaker & Republic AP-23 F-84E Thunderjet

08/11/2003. Design of the B-36 was started under the Consolidated designation Model 36. It was produced by Consolidated Vultee under the trade name Convair.

Remarks by Fred Starr: "This B-36 was used to test FICON (Fighter Conveyor) and TOM TOM project concepts. It was designated JRB-36F after 1955. The F-84E was redesignated EF-84E in 1952."

Created August 11, 2003