No. 12404. Alder-Derryberry A (N92607 c/n 1)
Photographed at Abilene Texas, USA, January 1, 2014, by Weldon Stevens

Alder-Derryberry A

06/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "L.E. Derryberry of Abilene, Texas, designed and built this two-seat trainer in partnership with W.C. Alder. Powered by a 37 hp Ford A car engine and registered X13959. it was first flown from Kinsolving Field in 1935.

(Kinsolving Field was founed in 1925 by M.T. Ramsey and J. McAlister Stevenson, and opened in 1926, with Derryberry as airport manager till 1942. Kinsolving Field was closed in 1954, presently the runway is a parking lot in Grover Nelson Park.)

The aircraft's history is unknown, but it was offered for sale, in a disassembled state, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 2004. It was bought by Jerry Ferrel of Temple, Texas, and restored to flying condition; registered N92607 it received its CofA on February 25, 2008. In April 2011 Ferrel donated the aircraft to the City of Abilene and since September 12, 2011 it is on display, hanging from the ceiling in the lobby of the Abilene Regional Airport terminal."

Created June 30, 2014