No. 8140. Kawanishi H6K2-L (J-BFOZ) "Mavis" Dai Nippon Koku "Ayanami"
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 2833 via Michael Brannin & Craig Simpson

Kawanishi H6K2-L

09/30/2008. Derived from the military H6K4, the unarmed H6K2-L had four 1,000 hp Mitsubishi Kinsei 43 fourteen-cylinder air-cooled radials, increased fuel tankage, and could carry eighteen passengers. The national Japanese airline Dai Nippon Koku (Imperial Japanese Airways) operated sixteen of these flying boats during WW II, the Allies assigned it the code name "Mavis".

The aircraft was named "Ayanami", what translates as: "Waves whose beauty suggests figures woven in silk".

Created September 30, 2008