No. 9086. Bowlus XBM-5 XTG-12 (NX28386)
Photographed at Twentynine Palms, California, USA, 1942
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 758, via Michael Brannin & Craig Simpson

Bowlus XBM-5 XTG-12

06/30/2009. Early in 1942 the Glider Branch of the Army Air Corps Aircraft Laboratory at Wright Field, Ohio, was interested in a two-seat tandem-type, all-wood training glider. Hawley Bowlus designed the XBM-5 (eXperimental Bowlus Military No.5), of all-wood construction with fabric covered wings.

Bowlus Sailplane Corp. of San Fernando, California received a contract
(ac-28290, Purchase Order 42-17694) on April 28, 1942, for four test-aircraft, designated XTG-12. Flown in 1942 at Twentynine Palms, the XTG-12 proved an excellent training glider, with only a pitch stability problem, which was cured by a new horizontal stabilizer, designed by Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer. Eventually three aircraft were flown.

However, in February 1943, the Aircraft Laboratory pointed out that the Flying Training Command did not anticipate an additional requirement for two-seat gliders, and requested cancellation of the contract. No deliveries were made on the contract, and on August 5, 1943 the contractor was notified of its cancellation.

Created June 30, 2009