No. 9301. Douglas B-23 Dragon US Army Air Corps
Photograph from USAF
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 374, via Michael Brannin and Craig Simpson

Douglas B-23 Dragon

10/31/2009. The B-23 Dragon was a development of the B-18A Bolo, with a refined fuselage and a tail gun position, a first in a US bomber. In addition to the 0.50 in (12.7 mm) tail gun there were 0.30 in (7.62 mm) guns in the nose, dorsal and ventral positions. The engines were 1,600 hp Wright R-2600-3 radials.

No prototypes nor service trials aircraft were ordered, only a single contract for 38 B-23s (c/n 2713 to 2750, s/n 39-27 to 39-64) was placed, the first flying on July 27, 1939. Dragons served briefly on coastal patrols on the Pacific coast before being relegated to training. Twelve were converted to transports and for glider towing as UC-67 in 1942.

Created October 31, 2009