No. 11305. Consolidated 28-5A Canso A (CF-DIL c/n 427) Wheeler Airlines
Photographed at Fort Chimo, Quebec, Canada, August 1963, by Chuck Tolley

Consolidated 28-5A Canso A

04/30/2012. Remarks by Chuck Tolley: "The Canso is shown parked on the strip at Fort Chimo (presently Kuujjuaq) in Arctic Quebec. Since none of the communities in Arctic Quebec (presently Nunavik) other than Fort Chimo and Great Whale River had landing strips, transportation by air was on float plane or Canso in the summer and ski equipped aircraft in the winter. There was a period during freeze-up and break-up when no air travel was possible. The airstrip at Fort Chimo had been built during WW II as a possible stopover point for aircraft going to and from Europe. The runway was littered with thousands of avgas drums left over from after the war."

Created April 30, 2012