No. 11656. Hawker Siddeley HS.650 Argosy 222 Transair-Midwest
Photographed at Baker Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada, 1970, by Chuck Tolley

Hawker Siddeley HS.650 Argosy 222

11/30/2012. Remarks by Chuck Tolley: "Transair-Midwest operated regular scheduled service from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba, and a feeder service to the half dozen or so smaller communities in the Keewatin District that was part of the Northwest Territories at the time - Keewatin (now Kivalliq) is now part of the new Nunavut Territory. In addition to their regular service they also provided charter service to a number of mining and exploration companies and also resupply to the central Arctic DEW (Distant Early Warning) line sites.

In the early 1970s, Transair-Midwest was looking for a larger aircraft to replace their venerable DC-3s, and purchased four ex BEA series 222 Argosys, these were registered as CF-TAG (c/n 6801), CF-TAJ (c/n 6802), CF-TAX (c/n 6803) and CF-TAZ (c/n 6805). They carried a great deal of cargo and had loading doors on the front and rear of the fuselage which was ideal for some of the heavy and long loads for the mining industry.

This particular Argosy came into Baker lake several times in 1970, and landed on the ice strip that was prepared and maintained by the Ministry of Transport on the lake in the front of the community. It was bringing in regular freight for the community.

The Argosy, however, did not seem to be a good fit for northern freight hauling and they were only were around for a few years before they were sold off. Apparently they were not a good cold weather plane and their range was not sufficient to cover the long distances that were in hauling freight into the Arctic."

Created November 30, 2012