No. 3775. Aérospatiale/British Aircraft Corporation Concorde 101 (F-BVFF c/n 215) Air France
Photographed at Val d'Or, Abitibi, Quebec, Canada, 1985

Aérospatiale/British Aircraft Corporation Concorde 101

11/02/2004. Remarks by Jacques Trempe: "Credit for this photo should be given to Jacques Trempe, not me ... but a distant cousin of mine.

The photo was taken at Val d'Or, which is a small locality in Northern Quebec and a former RCAF base. In 1985, a new terminal was inaugurated at Val d'Or airport. At the same time, the Concorde was due in Montreal, Quebec for some official France government business. Knowing that, some Val d'Or officials and businessmen arranged with Air France to fly them from Montreal to Val d'Or on a chartered flight and at the same time making a show for the terminal inauguration.

My cousin was on the spot to record the event." View also photo 6659.

Created November 2, 2004