No. 9261. Curtiss JN-3
Photographed at Columbus, New Mexico, USA, by an anonymous friend of Jacques Trempe

Curtiss JN-3

09/30/2009. On 9 March 1916, Mexican General Francisco "Pancho" Villa led nearly 500 Mexican members of his revolutionary group, attacked a detachment of the 13th Cavalry Regiment at the military Camp Furlong at the border town of Columbus, New Mexico. They seized 100 horses and mules, and set part of the town on fire, eighteen Americans and about 80 Mexicans lost their life.

Apparently both the two JN-3's (s/n 52 and 53) of the US Army Signal Corps were in New Mexico at that time as '52' was damaged in a forced landing near Ojito, Mexico on April 14, 1916, while '53' was condemned at Columbus, Ohio in the Spring of the same year. The pictured full scale replica is the museum in the Pancho Villa State Park (at the site of the former military Camp Furlong).

Created September 30, 2009