No. 5218. Dormoy Flying Bath Tub
Photographed by Etienne Dormay, 1924

Dormoy Flying Bath Tub

03/31/2006. Remarks by Jerry Turner: "Here is an original 1924 photograph of the Flying Bath Tub. The original engine has been gone through and reassembled and ready to hang on the fuselage. The wings have been built and I plan to have it flying in two years. I have over 200 original photos of the Dormoy collection, the helmet and goggles that were worn in the 1924 National Air Races that were held in Dayton, Ohio, USA, the gold and silver medals that were handed to Etienne Dormoy from the race officials, and Dormoy's pilot license # 5 and signed by Orville Wright, among the many items I obtained from Etienne Dormoy's widow."

Created March 31, 2006