No. 10566. ALPLA AVo-60 Samburo (OE-9094 c/n 001)
Photograph by Henk Wadman

Alpla AVO 68 Samburo

04/30/2011. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "Although resembling the Scheibe SF-25, the AVo-60 Samburo two-seat motor glider was an original design developed by a team under leadership of Werner Vogel. Small sale production took place by ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner OHG at Hard, Austria. (ALPLA = Alwin Lehner Plastics, is a worldwide leading company in the plastics processing industry.) The following aircraft were built:

AVo-60. The prototype aircraft which was first flown on 4 July 1974, powered by a 60 hp Limbach SL1700 engine.
AVo-68. Improved production model powered by a 68 hp SL1700E4, built as AVo-68S with a fixed pitch propeller and as AVO-68V with a ground adjustable propeller. A total of 28 aircraft was built, while one aircraft (c/n 21) was not finished.
AVo-68-5. Similar to the AVo-68S and AVo–68V, but with one slightly more powerful Limbach SL1700E5 engine.

After the original production of the AVo-68 had been halted in 1979, Gerhard Nitsche and his LTB Nitsche Flugzeugbau GmbH at Unterwössen, Germany announced production continuation in the early 1990s, with the improved
AVo-68R. Developed by Nitsche this model had optional foldable outer wing panels for easy hangarage and became available in several sub-models:

AVo-68R-80. Being the baseline variant, the first prototype was modified from an earlier airframe and flew during 1995 with an 81 hp Rotax 912A3 engine. This aircraft retained the original undercarriage and was followed by a second prototype (also modified from an earlier airframe) with a wider new design cantilever gear. Production aircraft also received a slightly stretched fuselage, a wider cockpit with a new canopy and many other refinements and improvements.
AVo-68R-100. Similar to the AVo-68R-80, but fitted with a more powerful 100 hp Rotax 912FS3.
AVo-68R-115. The first new production aircraft that first flew around May 1999. Again similar to the AVo-68R-80, but with an 115 hp Rotax 914F3 which allowed use as a glider tug.

Nitsche built eight AVo-68Rs and subsequently the production and marketing of was taken over by Aircraft Philipp GmbH at Übersee, Germany, although no aircraft were produced. In 2004 M&D Flugzeugbau GmbH & Co KG at Friedeburg acquired all rights and the first new developed and again improved aircraft was first flown on January 25, 2008, variants were marketed as:

AVo-68R-100 Samburo Basic. Fitted with an 100 hp Rotax 912S3.
AVo-68R-115 Samburo Plus. Fitted with an 115 hp Rotax 914F3, differing in standard of avionics and interior.

The pictured aircraft is preserved at the Flugmuseum Aviaticum at Wiener Neustadt-Ost, Austria."

Created April 30, 2011