No. 11116. Woods Woody Pusher (N25887 c/n 3)
Photograph from Ola

Woods Woody Pusher

01/31/2012. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "By 1971, Harris L. Woods, then chief engineer of Bensen Aircraft Corporation at Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, had designed and built a total of thirteen aircraft, including flex-wing and rotating-wing aircraft, a variety of gliders and air cushion vehicles. In 1970 Woods formed a new company, known as Aerosport Inc., to design, manufacture and maintain aircraft, and to continue the sale of plans and kits.

The prototype Woody Pusher two-seat monoplane was first flown in 1964, registered as N629X. Originally it was developed with a fuselage of wooden construction, plywood-covered, with fabric covering overall, and was powered by a 65 hp Lycoming engine. The wings had a two-spar wood structure, with metal leading-edge and fabric covering overall and were fitted with flaps.

Subsequently the Woody Pusher was redesigned with a fuselage of welded steel-tube structure with fabric covering and fitted with a 75 hp Continental engine. Although Harris Woods passed away in 1975, the original prototype is still in hands of the Woods family. By 1978 several hundred sets of construction plans had been sold, and at least 27 examples were completed and flown in the USA and the UK.

The pictured aircraft was built by George J. Ola in 1976, fitted with a 85 hp Continental C85. It has a number of modification and is registered as the 'Ola Pusher Bird'."

Created January 31, 2012