No. 11119. Lees-Kovachik LK-1 (C-GGIW c/n 001)
Photograph from T.J. Lees

Lees-Kovachik LK-1

01/31/2012. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The LK-1 one-of-a-kind homebuilt was designed and built by T.J. Lees of Dundas and Vic Kovachik of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and it made the first flight on June 20, 1975. In the construction of the LK-1 many Piper J3 parts were used and the aircraft was capable of operating on floats. The-one-of-a-kind aircraft was powered by an 115 hp Lycoming O-235.

Created January 31, 2012