No. 11131. Léger RL-1 La Grolle (F-PBNR c/n 01)
Photograph, ca. August 1952, from Henri Bernet

Léger RL-1 La Grolle

01/31/2012. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The RL-1 La Grolle was an original design homebuilt aircraft by René Léger and it was the first aircraft built by him. The RL-1 made use of a Sablier light plane fuselage and this had been combined with own design wings. Reportedly the aircraft was first flown during 1947 powered by a 17 hp Clerget engine, but damaged in an accident the following year.

After having undergone various modifications, it was flown again on June 12, 1949 with a 24 hp VW1131 engine and again later it was re-engined with a 25 hp Poinsard B1. The aircraft was continuously improved and was still active in the late-1950s and later also referred to as the Pelican. During its career the sole RL-1 had several owners and the registration was cancelled on December 6, 1965."

Created January 31, 2012